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"Is not the great defect of our education today...that although we often succeed in teaching our pupils 'subjects,' we fail lamentably on the whole in teaching them how to think: they learn everything except the art of learning."  -Dorothy Sayers


Grades K through 6

The School of Grammar concentrates on a mastery of the basics in each subject in a fun, multi-sensory environment.

The Trivium gears its instructional approach to the learning styles of each age group. Elementary children are natural memorizers. They mimic songs, advertisement slogans, poems, secret code words, anything that interests them.

Taking advantage of this skill, Christ Dominion Academy uses a variety of drills, games, songs, and chants to help children memorize all the facts (or building blocks of each subject.


To this study is added hands-on activities and first-hand experiences that allow children to experience for themselves the wonder and beauty of God’s creation.

The ultimate goal for the student is knowledge and delight: delight in the Lord, delight in the order and beauty of His creation, and delight in learning.  This becomes a rich foundation upon which to build understanding and integration in the later levels of learning.

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Grades 7 through 9

The School of Logic emphasizes the logic in each subject area and has analysis and discernment as its goal.

In the junior high years, students naturally question what they previously accepted. Rather than suppress this tendency, classical education uses it to help them seek the order and reasoning in each discipline. It is at this level that Christ Dominion Academy requires courses in formal logic.

Students are taught to examine everything they read and hear for validity and truth, using the Word of God as their final authority. Classes are conducted with less lecture and more dialectic (interactive discussion) approach.  A variety of viewpoints are researched for each topic, helping the student discover not only what has happened in history, but why those things have happened.

To accomplish this thoroughly, students are taught to look beyond textbook summaries and seek primary sources whenever possible, thereby developing strong research skills. Along with this questioning format, students study the Old and New Testament with a focus on Psalms and Proverbs to gain wisdom and respect for the God-ordained authorities in their lives.

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Grades 10 through 12

The School of Rhetoric integrates subject matter while teaching students to speak and write accurately and persuasively.

The final stage of the Trivium assists high school students by integrating the different subject matters that are so often separated in schools today.  Christ Dominion Academy follows a history-driven curriculum, believing that nothing happens in a vacuum. Students are taught to see the consequences of ideas in each time period studied. Their study begins with the question, “How does the prevalent philosophy of the time impact the politics, art, literature, music, science, etc. of that time period?”

With a clear understanding of the times, and the examples of great literature to inspire them, students at this level are further trained in written and verbal communication skills so that they may be able to persuasively articulate the truths they have discovered in their research and discussion. Perfection, in the biblical sense of completeness, s combined with humility to produce thinking, reasoning, persuading Christians ready to reclaim our culture for Christ.

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