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"We moved to the Summerville area from Brooklyn, NY precisely because of Christ Dominion Academy. We were homeschooling our daughter and decided she needed more in the way of a classical Christian education while being around other kids her age. Christ Dominion Academy has fulfilled that need in spades and our daughter really enjoys being at CDA. We couldn’t imagine a better place for her."

"I am very pleased with the education that my son is receiving at Christ Dominion Academy. Most importantly, it’s a Christ-centered education and environment. It is a very friendly, safe environment that promotes learning and growing physically, spiritually and academically. The teachers are friendly and caring and seek to help fulfill the purpose and calling of every child. I am proud to see the results of everyone’s hard work."

"As a student, Christ Dominion Academy was as much the best place to cultivate my faith as it was an energizing and stimulating environment for my mind. Interactions with my teachers and fellow students were key in equipping me to think critically about my studies, my life, and my faith. Now that I am a private classical tutor, I lean on my experience at CDA to aid my students in the grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages of their studies. Many schools promise amazing results, but Christ Dominion delivers training for life."

"Christ Dominion Academy not only prepared me for life practically, but it gave me the spiritual tools and discipline that I would need to face life in the culture today."


"I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to have attended and graduated from Christ Dominion Academy. This school was critical in both my spiritual and academic growth. I was always pushed towards academic excellence, and I found my transition to an accredited state university very smooth. When I started college, I was very prepared to keep up my Dean’s list scores in the rigorous pre-veterinary Biology program. CDA cares about God’s calling in each student’s life, so we were encouraged to get a head start on college work if that was where we were led. I was able to gain thirty college credits that were accepted by my university before graduating high school. I am truly proud to call Christ Dominion Academy my Alma Mater."

"My wife and I have been blessed by CDA in knowing that our children are going to a safe, loving environment where they can not only excel in academics, but also in training unto righteousness."

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