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On-Campus Enrollment





Apply for Admission

1.  Submit a completed application with a $15 application fee ($25 per family for multiple students). 

- You may print and mail the Application to 59 West Penn Street, Summerville, PA 15864, or

- You can open the interactive PDF file, complete it on your computer, then save and email the file to

- The application fee may be paid online through our Store or with a check or money order to CDA.

2.  In addition to this completed application, the following are required for admission consideration:

- Pastor’s Reference Form (completed and sent to CDA by your pastor), and

- A copy of previous and current school records (grades and standardized test scores) or home-schooled student’s annual testing and/or evaluation (paper or digital copies are fine)

3. Parents of Kindergarten through 8th-grade students, upon the request of CDA, will be assigned admissions and placement testing with the CDA Office (or through a proxy for online students).

4.  Schedule a family interview with both parents and the Academy Headmaster (via video conference for online students) Students applying for 7th grade and up may be asked to attend.

5.  The Headmaster and the CDA Board will notify the family of the decision to offer/decline admission based on the above process.

Apply for Financial Aid (Residential Students Only)

This application must be filled out completely, including a copy of your most recent federal and state tax returns. The form may be completed digitally and sent to or printed for completion by hand and mailed to Christ Dominion Academy at 59 West Penn Street, Summerville, PA 15865.


Please check with the Academy for Financial Assistance deadlines. The Scholarship Committee will meet and prepare a proposal of scholarship distribution to be brought to the Board of Directors for approval. Only the Scholarship Committee chairperson knows the names of the applicants. All information on the forms is strictly confidential. The Headmaster will notify parents who made applications for assistance as to the determination of eligibility and any award amount made.


Scholarships are based on: financial need, interest in Christian education, and service to the school. Priority is given to families already enrolled at CDA and to those with greatest need. Due to changing circumstances, no one is guaranteed aid from year to year. The amount of scholarship funds available is affected by family support of fundraising activities, volunteerism, and charitable giving received prior to the award year.

Application for Admission

Financial Aid Application

Enrollment Form -

Printable Version



Finalize Enrollment


You can fill out and submit your Enrollment Form at the same time as your Financial Aid Form. Just pay close attention to the enrollment deadlines listed on the form and updated on the web in order to avoid unnecessary late enrollment fees.

Enrollment Form -

Interactive PDF

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