Literature & Worldview: Medieval Literature

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Christ Dominion Academy’s Medieval World Literature course equips students to think critically about literature from and concerning the  medieval world in light of a Biblical worldview.

Literature & Worldview: Medieval Literature

  • Christ Dominion Academy’s Advanced World Literature course equips students to think critically about literature from and concerning the medieval world in light of a Biblical worldview.  The main themes of Medieval Literature are spiritual discipline, Reformed theology, and how the Light of the Gospel transformed Europe throughout the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation. Students will practice expression through writing in weekly, more casual discussion boards, and in formal writing exercises, such as the classical progymnasmata. Students will learn to think more critically about issues in our culture such as sociology, economics, and anthropology, all in the light of the Law of God revealed in Scripture. The minimum age for students in this class is twelve. 

    A worldview and literature class designed for either junior or senior high students, this class involves reading assignments in addition to in-class reading and discusssion.  Parents and students should be in communication about mature moral and cultural issues before and during this class. If certain sins and behaviors are discussed in Scripture, students should be ready to read about them in class.  Students will be expected to reflect on reading selections in group discussions and writing assignments.


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