High School Latin I

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Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

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“Come and see the works of God, who is mighty in His deeds toward the sons of man” -Psalm 66:5

High School Latin I

  • Latin I is as year-long couse for 7th-12th grade students who have gained basic Latin vocabulary and grammar knowledge previously, but is also suited to the high school student beginning their foray into classical languages.  This course teaches the basics of Latin vocabulary and grammar including nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and verbs of the indicative and imperative moods using the famed Wheelock's Latin text.  Students will also develop skill at translation using ancient Latin passages.  This course sharpens students' intellects and prepares them to read both classical and ecclesiastical Latin literature while developing their language and reasoning skills.  Latin study is also proven to increase outcomes on standardized tests like the ACT, CLT and SAT.