Algebra I

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Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

2:05-3:00 pm

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Christ Dominion Academy’s first year algebra course strengthens your student's mathematical thinking and problem solving through interactive application of algebraic concepts rather than a steps-to-solutions approach.



Algebra I

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  • The goal of Christ Dominion Academy’s first year algebra course is to strengthen students in mathematical thinking and problem solving. This class will guide students into interacting with and applying algebraic concepts instead of simply focusing on various steps to solutions.


    Students will be expected and encouraged to explore and discuss problems with the rest of the class. Algebra I aims to teach students not only the math concepts but also how to be problem solvers and to think critically. This is especially important to bridge the gap between real-world concrete thinking and introducing the abstract concepts of algebra. Students will attend a live class three times a week and homework assignments may be personalized to individual needs.