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There are so many things that make CDA a great place to learn.
Here are just a few:


Unashamedly Christian

All schools teach from a particular religious framework or worldview, the filter through which one perceives and judges reality.  At CDA, we teach without reservation from a biblical and Christian perspective.


Affordably Priced


With our generous financial aid, private foundation scholarships, WorkShare program, and Tuition Payment Plan, a great education is within reach of every family.  Contact us to explore all of our financial aid programs.


Thoroughly Academic


Our goal is to offer the highest degree of academic excellence by employing curricula within a unique college-like course offering and schedule.  Both the educational approach and the model endorse the pursuit of biblical virtue and wisdom in order to develop life-long learners, Christ followers, and responsible citizens.


Incredibly Blessed

Wonderful teachers committed to life-long learning, dedicated supporters and volunteers, an historic building, no financial debt, and our greatest treasure of all--our amazing and talented CDA students--are just some of the ways that God has helped us accomplish the mission for quality Christian education.


Strategically Located


Our Summerville Campus is perfectly situated for free public busing from Brookville, Clarion-Limestone, Punxsutawney and Redbank Valley school districts.


Now Online!

Christ Dominion is now offering select classes in an online format.  Whether you are located too far from our Western Pennsylvania campus or are committed to a homeschooling approach, we want to give you access to our great teachers and curriculum.

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