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Modern History II

Online Meeting Time:

Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 11:35-12:35

US Eastern Time Zone


Christ Dominion’s Modern History II serves as an overview of the history of Western Civilization from 1815-2022, ranging roughly from the downfall of Napoleon Bonaparte to the Russo-Ukrainian War. Both “major” and “minor” historical events will be covered in the course, ranging in complexity from the American Civil War, the Great Depression, and World War Two to such events as the Johnstown Flood, the Singing Revolution, and the Y2K panic.

Modern History II

  • This class is designed to foster a love of things past and present and an appreciation for the grand story of history. Students will be encouraged to see the past from multiple perspectives: both from their own, modern, third person view and from the eyes of the figures living the events. Ultimately, students will be taught to appreciate the infinite creativity of the Creator as He works through men and women to do great deeds.


    Designed for advanced students, this course will focus not only on the simple gathering and retention of strict facts, but the organization and presentation of those facts into cogent writing and speaking exercises. Passive absorption of knowledge will be replaced with active learning as students will be prompted to research (and occasionally present on) different historical topics and events.


    In addition to an understanding and competence in academic work, the course will include elements of social studies; students will be treated to selections of art, culture, and, new in this stage of history, radio and film broadcasts. These will be carefully chosen in order to let the student see how people in the past viewed themselves and the world around them.


    Online students will be required to attend live classes twice a week. The instructor is available during office hours to answer any questions or provide additional help.

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