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Grammar School Modern History

Online Meeting Time:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Time: 2:05-2:45 pm

US Eastern Time Zone


Christ Dominion’s Grammar School Modern History serves as an overview of American history from 1820-2003, ranging roughly from the Missouri Compromise of 1820 to the initiation of the Iraq War. The course also includes elements of social studies, as students will examine the different ways in which people in the past have interacted with society and gone about their daily lives.

Grammar School Modern History

  • This class is designed to foster a love of things past and present and an appreciation for the grand story of history. Students will be encouraged to draw connections between what they are learning and what they know of the world today, and be shown how the grand narrative of history has brought us to the current state of human affairs.

    Designed for late grammar school level students, this course will focus on the effective gathering and retention of facts about the past as well as the organization of those facts into clear stories and timelines. Thus, exercises will include worksheets, timelines, and short writing exercises designed to encourage the memorization and organization of historical knowledge.

    Online students will be required to attend live classes twice a week. The instructor is available during office hours to answer any questions or provide additional help. 

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