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Grammar School Mathematics 6

Online Meeting Time:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 12:05-12:55

US Eastern Time Zone


Christ Dominion’s Mathematics 6 is the final class of grammar school arithmetic computation and problem solving. Students will focus on applying the fundamental operations to real-world applications, specifically percents, fractions, decimals, geometry, ratio, and speed.


Grammar school mathematics at Christ Dominion is a mastery-based approach in six levels (not necessarily grade level). The main focus of each level is below, while a more complete overview can be found under the level's respective course page.  All levels provide review and geometry topics throughout. 

In Level 1, students master the basics of counting and place value. 

In Level 2, students master multi-digit addition and subtraction and measurements 

In Level 3, students master single-digit multiplication and division and conversions

In Level 4, students master multi-digit multiplication and fraction work

In Level 5, students master decimal work, rates, and percentages. 

In Level 6, students put all of these skills together to work on problem solving through word problems and the use of variables. 

Grammar School Mathematics 6

  • Christ Dominion’s Mathematics 6 is designed to be a pre-pre-algebra class, appropriate for students grade 5-7. Specifically, the goal of this class is to foster a love of learning and strengthen this foundational level of math by collaborating with peers and engaged instruction.

    Designed for younger students, this course will be an introduction to online classes. Online students will be required to attend live classes three times weekly. Soft cover textbooks keep all of their materials and assignments in one easy place, and the instructor is available during office hours to answer any questions or provide additional help. 

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